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Having a full-on adult life doesn't leave much time for creativity.  Full time work, housework, going to the gym, one session a week of life drawing--even when I have the time, energy or interest may not be there.

If I offer or agree to do projects for anyone, it'll be because the subject, or the challenge involved, interests me.  If I'm not interested and willing, it's not happening.

I enjoy my weekly sessions in the live drawing workshop, but I'm not working live over the internet.  Being technically a bit backwards when it comes to Net stuff, I don't do Skype or have a webcam, and I don't work fast enough to do my particular quality of work, working around amateur models.  (One thing I have to say I've been totally impressed with, in the live sessions, is just how hard it is for life models to do the things they do, even for quite brief periods.  Nobody wants to underestimate this!)

At this point, I've agreed to do two challenges that have interested me.  The results of one will be posted after this goes up.  After that, I think it's fair to say that while I won't entirely rule out doing things for others, it's going to be rare, and there has to be something in the subject or the challenge of rendering it accurately, that interests me.

As has ever been the case, babies and pets are OUT. 


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Originally northerner (settlement person, 3rd generation RCMP family) mostly from the area now called Nunavut. Originally trained as an accountant, which financed my being an SF/F film and related media fan (ST, SW, B7) and broad-spectrum comics fan through the '80s into early '90s. Threw that life over 14-15 years ago to re-tread as, today, a vastly happier programmer of radar data processing looking to get creative again.

Most of what you'll see here for the next while dates from 1997 and earlier; as I'm focusing on fic for the moment, it may take a while to get current art rolling in again.

Well, widely, and weirdly read SF/fantasy/history and mythology buff, these days getting l

Arguably evidence for reality being every bit as odd as comic books.


KaizenKitty Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Student Writer
Cool. :) didn't know you did jiu jitsu. How many years?
plushbug Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
About 10 years over 12 years (took a couple of year-long breaks).  Got my basic black belt back in 2005, but since messing up both shoulders (rotator cuffs) in 2011 doing big diving roll breakfalls when too heavy and not nearly flexible enough, I'm now calling myself fully retired.  Got my dominant side rehabbed OK, but the off side is still giving me grief--if I can ever get myself fit enough again, it's definitely time to move to tai chi or aikido.
KaizenKitty Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Student Writer
Ai, I see. Hope you recover though, but black belt - wow, that is great! :-)
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